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The American Pregnancy Association states on its website that chiropractic care while pregnant is safe as long as the practitioner is trained to deliver prenatal chiropractic care. Drs. Laura and Diana has not only received special training for prenatal and pediatric chiropractic treatment, but they also specializes in this type of service which addresses pelvic imbalance that is common during pregnancy.

Body changes are a natural and necessary part of pregnancy and child birth, but they can leave unwanted and troublesome issues. A growing or protruding abdominal area often impacts a person’s posture and stance. It also puts weight and pressure on the spine that can lead to alignment issues or nerve damage. Proper chiropractic adjustments can diminish these risks, increase long-term whole-body health and substantially reduce discomfort during pregnancy.

Our holistic practitioners may even be able to provide some help with the birthing process. During pregnancy the body may undergo pelvic changes that reduce room for fetal development or impact the passage of the fetus through the body. Known as intrauterine constraint, this condition can lead to breech positioning and may reduce the chance of a natural or complication-free birth. Webster's Technique is a series of gentle adjustments and pressure points to realign the pelvic area and provide more room for your baby to move into the proper birthing position.

Some benefits of chiropractic treatment during a pregnancy include:

• Reduced discomfort during all trimesters,
• A reduction in nausea and some other symptoms of pregnancy,
• Possible reduction in delivery time due to proper body alignment and strength, and
• A reduction in the chances of invasive procedures or cesarean delivery.

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